„Save Dragnea from Prison” series, season 3. In which Dragnea needs two…

„Save Dragnea from Prison” series, season 3. In which Dragnea needs two emergency decrees for his ambitious plan

The new season in the „Save Dragnea from Prison” series has started, the most dramatic and thrilling to date. The previous seasons, those of January 2017 and July 2018 (extraordinary Parliamentary sessions), ended without a happy end for the SDP leader. On October 8th, the High Court begins hearings on the appeal in the fictitious employment case.

In a few deadlines, everything might end. Hence, the feeling of heightened dramaturgy. The last grains of sand in the hourglass are trickling. The scenario has treacherous struggles and battles between rival gangs in the party, with an unleashed capo di tutti capi, seeking to escape the siege.

According to information gathered by G4Media.ro, Dragnea is forcing again the adoption of an emergency decree, or even two, if possible. A first emergency decree is on amnesty and pardon, meant to wipe off his first conviction with a sponge, and possibly the case file in progress. Dragnea speaks freely now about the need for amnesty and pardon. He is no longer shying from the subject.

The novelty is the second emergency decree wanted by the SDP leader on secret protocols (between Secret services and different institutions of the Judiciary), in order to compromise the heavy cases that risk catching up with him (European Funds, TelDrum privatization).

This explains the huge effort invested in the public demonization of the protocols. The SDP leader hopes to get as many institutional positions as possible against the protocols to justify the need for an emergency decree to destroy their effects. Dragnea would be the main beneficiary of such a decree, but the two napalm bombs, once launched, would cancel hundreds, perhaps thousands of corruption cases.

Things are speeding up not only because there is little time left to act, but also because of the situation in Parliament where Dragnea, for the first time, lost his majority. As the SDP leader’s powers weaken in the Chamber of Deputies, the chances of controlling the game and commanding the Government are also diminishing dramatically.

The dissident group has disappeared from the radar, but it likely continues to undermine his authority. In the upcoming period, we may be witnessing new failures in Parliament , precisely intended to project the image of a weakened leader with his authority in tatters.

Add to all of this the growing foreign pressures, the increasingly vocal criticisms from Brussels, and the explicit threats of bringing Romania to the European courts if the leaps and bounds of the rule of law, and the attacks on the judiciary continue.

The power’s propaganda machine is making considerable efforts to sell Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă’s performance in the European Parliament hearings as a great victory, although, in fact, we have witnessed a disaster for Romania, not even the socialists could save appearances.

Dragnea knows the last train, the last wagon, and the last door are passing him. He is not likely to act in the next few days, he has no way of doing so. He is still hindered by Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, who refuses to sign the two emergency decrees. At the same time, he cannot wait for more than two or three weeks.

With all his arcane phraseology and brackets, the Justice Minister has once again expressed a firm refusal on Thursday afternoon when he left the Coalition meeting he had attended under the pretext of a report on the talks with European officials in Strasbourg .

Here we have to understand better why Călin Popescu Tăriceanu has no interest in helping Liviu Dragnea with the two emergency decrees. Once cleared of any criminal corruption, the SDP leader may run next year for the presidency. This is the ambitious plan, which he is rumored to have voiced recently. In this scenario, there is no room for yet another candidacy, and the ALDE leader becomes a rival that must be neutralized.

Tariceanu understands that if Dragnea gets rid of all the pending accusations against him, and gets his hands on all the power, he, Tariceanu, will be unscrupulously sacrificed. Dragnea does not have a future outside the SDP either, but the option with the lider maximo as a candidate for the presidency takes him out of the game in the long run. Hence the major hesitations manifested by the Minister of Justice, Tudorel Toader, and Dragnea’s hot desire to kick him out of the government

This is a complicated operation, as we are again turning to Tariceanu’s interests, the loss of ALDE’s support for the SDP in Parliament, the vicious circle that is beginning to limit increasingly the SDP leader’s movemenst more and more. How will it all end? Hard to say.

For the main (anti -) hero, the third season of the Mafia series caught in a battle with the state can end in three ways: 1) the anti – hero is acquitted, 2) he ends in jail and justice triumphs – with half of its teeth on the pavement, though, 3) thanks to some emergency decrees, he turns overnight into Prince Charming, gets to keep the money he miraculously extracted from asphalt, and reigns over the country until the day he dies .

Traducerea: Ruxandra Stoicescu

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