Hungarian analyst, former intelligence officer: Viktor Orban seeks to gain new territories…

Foto: Viktor Orban / Facebook

Hungarian analyst, former intelligence officer: Viktor Orban seeks to gain new territories and relies on Russia to change the political order in Europe

Peter Buda, a professor at a Budapest university and former intelligence officer, said in a podcast that Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s goal is to change the borders and gain new territory for Hungary. To this end, Orban supports Russia and is counting on Moscow to establish a new political order in Europe, one that will allow borders to be removed.

Asked why Viktor Orban praises totalitarian systems in Russia and China, Peter Buda said:

„I think that behind this was basically a very wrong foreign policy and strategic miscalculation on the part of the Hungarian political leadership, the very important aspect of which was that we rely on the success of the ambitions of the Russian empire, and we tie an ideological alliance with the so-called black international represented by Putin, whereby we strengthen in Europe the camp of political powers that appears as the defender of conservative, traditional values, and we expect, that these powers will unite, and basically constitute a new geopolitical structure, at least in Europe. So, the US is being pushed out of Europe, out of the European security architecture, and in many cases the borders of Europe will be redrawn, and from this, we as a state will come out ahead.”

Asked if this means that Viktor Orban hopes that Greater Hungary will be restored, Peter Buda said, „I don’t know if all of Greater Hungary, but in a certain context, the country may even get territorial compensation.”

He explained why Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s calculation is wrong: „Obviously, this can be a foreign policy calculation, but I think that just relying on the fact that Russia and even China will take over the world, I think is very wrong even now. From the current state of the war, you can see that anyone who is counting on a Russian military success is very deeply mistaken. The immediate past, the reaction of the US and the West, suggests that they, especially the US, if they take anything very seriously, it is the war, and here there is no excuse. That doesn’t mean you have to become pro-America, it really isn’t like a double-edged sword. Either we are vassals of the Russians or we are vassals of the United States, well we don’t have to become vassals of either. But this situation, which has led us to this point, I don’t call it a balancing act, but a very serious mistake.”

Peter Buda is the first authoritative voice in Hungary to point out that Prime Minister Viktor Orban is seeking to redraw Europe’s borders.

Viktor Orban and the rest of the Hungarian top officials are making revisionist statements and gestures. The latest example dates back to last week, when Hungarian President Katalin Novak made revisionist statements in Romania itself. „Don’t let Transylvania be lost, our God!” the Hungarian president wrote on Facebook after attending the pilgrimage in Șumuleu Ciuc, the phrase being part of the Hessian anthem.

VIDEO Podcast with Peter Buda, in Hungarian with English subtitles:


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