Doctor accused of implanting 238 heart devices from corpses was allegedly falsifying…

Doctor accused of implanting 238 heart devices from corpses was allegedly falsifying patient consent forms to show patients had given consent – prosecutors’ arrest report

Doctor Nicolae Dan Tesloianu from the Sfântu Spiridon Hospital in Iași and other doctors under his staff allegedly falsified the consent forms of patients to whom they implanted medical devices from corpses, prosecutors accuse in the report requesting the doctor’s arrest for 30 days.

The anonymized report, consulted by G4Media.ro, states that „between 2017 and August 2022 (…) he implanted 238 devices extracted from cadavers, for which he used accessories from the respective tricameral defibrillator kits. (… ) or subordinate doctors, at his request, altered several documents, namely the „Patient’s Informed Consent” forms, by adding a holographic paragraph, after the patients had signed them, before the signature box of the persons concerned and without their knowledge, that patients would have given their prior consent to implanting an extra device from cadavers and/or making subsequent changes on the FOCG (through the use of corrections, rewrites and/or other additions) relating to implants of devices extracted from deceased patients.

Prosecutors also allege that a large proportion of these interventions „were not necessary”, being carried out either following „fictitious diagnoses” or by the prior recommendation of drugs causing reactions likely to lead to specific symptoms. G4Media sources said it was allegedly the drug Neoton. A total of six doctors and four patients are targeted in the case, according to a statement issued by the Prosecutor’s Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (PÎCCJ) on Saturday.

Doctor Nicolae Dan Tesloianu was arrested for 30 days by the Bucharest court. The doctor from the Sf Spiridon hospital in Iasi has challenged the arrest. Tesloianu is accused of abuse of office in a continuous form, complicity in continuing to carry out work after the competent control bodies have ordered it to be stopped, and taking bribes.

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