Military prosecutor’s office facing checks following inquiry into Mafia-style intelligence op against…

Military prosecutor’s office facing checks following inquiry into Mafia-style intelligence op against journalists and magistrates

A criminal inquiry into the tailing and tapping of Romanian journalists and magistrates last week has led to official checks on how that inquiry was ordered. Sources claim the checks were launched at the request of newly named Prosecutor General Gabriela Scutea, who did not confirm or dismiss the information.

Scutea is one of newly named heads of key prosecutorial bodies in Romania, who had been supported by a group of media outlets controlled by business people facing criminal inquiries. The same media outlets have broadcast the secretly tapped records of critical journalists and magistrates, leading to the criminal inquiry which is now subject to checks.

Romania’s President last week has named several new top prosecutors, including a new PG – Gabriela Scutea, and a new head of the body dealing with organised crime, DIICOT – Giorgiana Hosu.

Scutea and especially Hosu have been harshly criticised in the media and received a non-binding negative vote from prosecutors within the main forum of Romanian magistrates, the Superior Council of Magistrates.

But had been supported by a group of TV channels and news websites controlled by business people who either have served time for corruption-related charges, or face inquiries related to corruption.

The same group of media have been very aggressive toward prosecutors and journalists who were critical of the Scutea and Hosu. And last week those media broadcast a series of reports which showed two such journalists in the presence of two such prosecutors. The four were attending a birthday party. The records showed the four were tapped and tailed using advanced, intelligence service-like technologies.

The military prosecutor’s office in Bucharest took note and opened a criminal inquiry over facts amounting to abuse in service and violantion of privacy. Bogdan Pirlog, first deputy prosecutor general of the Bucharest Military Tribunal prosecutor’s office, has said the case was opened on Sunday. Prompted about the competence of his military office on such a case, he said it was suspected that military personnel might be involved.

But now the heads of the prosecutor’s office of the Military Court of Appeals have launched checks on this inquiry, focusing on how it was prompted and on the competence of the military body on the case, sources told G4Media.ro.

Asked if she, as sources have claimed, ordered the checks, PG Gabriela Scutea did not confirm or dismiss the info, saying: „When we have something to communicate, we will.”

The top prosecutor of the Military Court of Appeals, Adrian Nicolau, has confirmed checks, but said had acted similarly in the case of other public interest cases. He denied that PG Scutea requested the checks.

The targeted journalists and magistrates, who were shown on a network of media outlets as they attended, had been critical of new top prosecutors including newly named Prosecutor General Gabriela Scutea, which had the support of those media. Sources claimed Scutea herself ordered the latest checks on those investigating the case

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