Why did they choose Dancila as the head of the PSD

Why did they choose Dancila as the head of the PSD

Many saw in Iliescu the supreme evil, then Adrian Năstase came along, and evil became relative. He may have been evil, but at least he was poor and honest. Geoana became a leader because there was no better choice at the time, again in a moment of crisis, just like with Dancila today.

But the party quickly invented Victor Ponta then, the hungry young wolf, who grew up in Nastase’s orbit. When everyone was about to proclaim him the most unscrupulous leader of the new generation at the PSD, Dragnea came along, and then there was silence.

With a twice-convicted felon at its helm, the PSD moved a few steps closer to hell. Dragnea installed three puppets for premier, Grindeanu, Tudose and Dancila, all three with the mission to cripple the justice system just to save one man. They all refused to do so, and they got sacked.

But with more luck in her life, Dancila managed to survive. Dragnea’s marionette, the whole country made fun of her, and of her blunders, and of her inadequacy. The people in the PSD had no idea who she was when she became prime minister. Despite that, she now got elected their leader at a Congress devoid of any enthusiasm on Saturday.

The question on every party member’s mind now is how low will the party continue to fall with Dancila in the top seat. Why did they elect her then? Because at the PSD, they recognize as boss, whoever controls the flow of money and wields power.

Dancila has no power, she has no charisma, and with her voice resembling the weather lady back in the communist newscast era, she can put entre stadiums to sleep; she doesn’t exist as a political figure, but she’s the one handing-out resources and functions.

And that is convincing enough for anyone at the PSD. That’s why they elected her. And if you’re quick to say that it couldn’t get worse than this, just look at who came in second.

For president Iohannis she is the ideal opponent, the guarantee of a harmless PSD for the presidential election campaign.

For the PSD she seems to be a transitory solution, a short glitch in its history, a compromise between the barons, someone to deal with the disastrous election loss they sustained on May 26.

Someone has to take to the grave this completely unpalatable PSD, a party synonymous with corruption, forever associated with the slur inscribed on that Swedish car plate.

But this doesn’t mean that the party will disappear, that the pack, the organized-crime rings will disappear. They will regroup later on and will search for a true leader, or they’ll go back to Ponta.

They’ll gather together like mercury beads, under a new name, perhaps PRO Romania, after the foreseeable presidential election loss when Dancila will be history.

They’ll then try once more to fool the public that the old PSD is no more, and that it never was, that it was all just a bad dream under Dragnea and Nastase.

What we saw over the past 30 years is that evil doesn’t quickly disappear, that it possesses an incredible ability to adapt, to transform.

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