G4Media launches new platform: G4Food

G4Media launches new platform: G4Food

G4Food, a new platform developed by G4Media, was launched on Tuesday, during an event about the current challenges faced by the main players in the food industry. Six years after the launch of G4Media, we are launching our third product, G4Food, after launching Economedia three years ago.

G4Food.ro targets people concerned about their daily consumption for a healthy and fulfilling life. It also caters to companies offering food, beverages, and services that support these goals. The website delves into various aspects of the agri-food sector, a crucial pillar of human civilization.

G4Food.ro champions new technologies, products, and services that promote environmental protection and improved quality of life. Readers can access news, analyses, reports, and interviews on diverse topics like organic food, healthy eating, diets, traditional cuisine, industry events, market trends, and FoodTech – technologies revolutionizing food production in our increasingly populated and polluted world.

G4Food.ro offers content produced to high journalistic standards, including video content produced in its own studio. This comes at a time when fake news is rampant. The field is bombarded daily with misleading propaganda that impacts people’s health and businesses in the sector.

Founded by journalist Dumitru Bădița, a journalist with over 20 years of experience, the site is now part of the G4Media company portfolio, which also owns the publications G4Media.ro and Economedia.ro.

Project manager Adrian Popa brings 18 years of experience in central press, specializing in economics and technology. The project will benefit from contributions by experienced G4Media journalists and external collaborators.

G4Food.ro aims to become the main source of news about the industry players, their activity and a guide for people who want to live healthy, for those who need information about the food and drinks that can support them in various sports activities, but also for anyone who wants to be up-to-date with the latest news in the agri-food sector.

The core values of G4Food.ro are: responsibility, transparency and Europeanism.

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