All PSD-ALDE attacks on the EU after the CVM and resolution: From…

All PSD-ALDE attacks on the EU after the CVM and resolution: From a „punch to national sovereigny” to „when Brâncuşi built statues, they taught homosexuality” and „dear EU, you are a Satanist whore”

The Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) report on the independence of the judiciary and the anti-corruption fight in Romania, as well as the European Parliament’s resolution on the rule of law in our country gave the PSD-ALDE coalition an opportunity to launch new anti-European, isolationist and nationalist messages.

The tone was set by PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, who sought to belittle European leaders’ message. He was followed by Viorica Dăncilă, affirming that „we can no longer accept for Romanians to be told off for what is done all over Europe”; by Paul Stănescu – „the CVM, which is a punch to national sovereignty” or Cătălin Rădulescu – „when Brâncuşi was building statues, they invented homosexuality, or had orgies at royal courts.”

The series of virulent anti-European messages culminated with a viral post on Facebook by PSD deputy from Iasi Vasile Cita: „Dear European Union, you are a Satanist whore”

PSD-ALDE reactions to MCV and the European Parliament resolution:

Liviu Dragnea: „I, as a simple, but not humble Romanian, think that Romania has other concerns (…). I am talking about the challenges of this country that have been, are, and will remain, beyond any reports and MCVs, for this country. We talk about health, education, infrastructure, agriculture, economic development, higher incomes for Romanians, a predictable and favorable business environment and big system reform. The themes that have preoccupied us, and for which we made personal and institutional appeals to the president, calling for cooperation, all for nothing. ”

Mihai Fifor: „It is difficult to understand and it is unacceptable to introduce conditionality for Romania under the pretext of that Justice is affected, given that CVM has proven to have missed the objective for which it was created (…) Romania presented strong arguments for legislative changes in the field of Justice, and clarifications whenever needed, based on the principle of loyal cooperation between the EU institutions and the Member States. Instead, it receives „recommendations” to ignore the Constitution and „targets” to be considered a state equal to the other Member States, as well as a resolution in the European Parliament proposing blind abuses in the judiciary. Given that European Parliament elections are approaching, I can understand some political groups’s interest in standing out, but cannot accept sinking Romania and its citizens into such a political game. Romania is a European state and must have the same rights as all EU Member States.

Serban Nicolae: „From my point of view, the European Commission, in the current formula, probably profoundly marked by sciatica, with the quotes, will have the saddest balance sheet in five years, with the UK on its way out of the European construction, with Romania and Bulgaria still held in a useless and humiliating position, which in my view is also unlawful; practically, there are manifestations of purely political positions that only fuel anti-EU feelings, which I do not think helps . It is nigh to impossible to understand what such a resolution could achieve. I’ve been looking to understand this ever since the project was launched. ”

Călin Popescu Tăriceanu: „The Commission (the European Commission) is entering a political area that is not justified because the report is a technical tool and I have seen lately a series of political approaches that I think underline the question of how the Commission works with Member States. I do not think the Commission can call into question choices of the Member States in certain areas that do not fall within what is called the logic of subsidiarity. ”

Florin Iordache: „I started reading the CVM report for 2018, in which some unknown “experts „give Romania indications about the application of some laws that are already in force, and the absurdity of one of the recommendations is blatant (…) Why does the European Commission want to stop those provisions that uncouple justice from the malicious influence of intelligence services? Such a recommendation can not be implemented and its consequences would be profoundly negative for the justice system in Romania. Furthermore, the fact that in a report of the European Commission there is such a absurd recommendation, leads to lack of credibility „.

Viorica Dăncilă (November 13th): „We can no longer accept for Romanians to be told off for what is happening all over Europe or that they are being asked for things that no one does in Europe (…) This is definitely a political resolution. It is deeply inaccurate and at least a few points have no cause at all, and in others it does not even refer to Romania. In fact, this resolution is the expression of the electoral interests of the major European political groups – the PPE, who are the majority, and the social democrats (PES, the political family of which the Social Democrats make).

Paul Stănescu: „It seems to me that, through the unjust resolution adopted yesterday and by publishing the CVM report, which is a punch to the national sovereignty in the field of internal lawmaking, the EU has again raised a wall between Western and Eastern Europe. Romania and Romanians do not deserve such treatment! Romania is a European state and must have the same rights as all EU Member States, not be treated as a second-hand state. We have been and are always open to dialogue and cooperation with all the EU’s fora, we have proven to be a loyal and involved member that defends and respects tEU values, and I believe that all Member States must be treated equally. ”

Eugen Nicolicea: „In the CVM reports we have been asked for other impossible things, such as the violation of the Constitution and of Constitutional Court rulings. I remind you that in 2013, among other impossible demands, there was the elimination of the immunity of former ministers. After explaining that this can not be done because it is foreseen in several decisions of the Constitutional Court, they have removed this from the report and woke up with it in 2017. And now there are some impossible things, which would have disastrous effects. ”

Tudorel Toader: „I tend to think that the report is political, it represents many interests, the report uses double standards and relates to moving targets. I remember one thing: there were four recommendations, then four out of 12 recommendations, now eight have been added. Now we will have 20 recommendations. Why so mobile, why the double standard? „.

Viorica Dăncilă (November 15th): „I am disappointed with the conclusions of CVM report, as Romania has proved to be a loyal and abiding partner of the European Union. The Government has been in constant contact with the experts of the European Commission and has always provided both clarifications and arguments. Unfortunately, we found that these were simply ignored. We can not agree with the setting up of additional recommendations requiring to ignore constitutional rules and accept what no other Member State could accept. Such a request makes it impossible to achieve the objectives of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, as the rules change, „Dăncilă said at the beginning of the government meeting.

Cătălin Rădulescu: ” On the one hand, the MCV report was expected to be so, on the other hand, it is unfair and hypocritical towards us as partners, because one can not endlessly fulfill all sorts of conditionality and conditions (…) As long as in their countries, the other European countries, do not set the same conditions, that is, if Germany wants to show that we are flawed, let Germany have a NAD and a NAI; if Germany or France ask us to change the laws as they wish, or to nominate our prosecutors or to change some people, let Germany and France do the same. As long as you, in your own countries, behave in a certain way, you accept corruption at the highest level, then give us lessons, because we are Romanian, while the cradle of our civilization is much above your own, because the first scripts in the world were discovered here. When Brâncuşi was making statues, they were inventing homosexuality or holding orgies, known by all throughout history (…) I believe that now a common front must be constituted, all those countries that feel so wronged through these decisions, including Italy, including Spain, including Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, and all the others must make a common front and show these statelets, as I can no longer cal them “ countries” – Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, for example – to show them that the majority in the community Europe is the reverse, four countries cannot decide for the rest of the countries up to 27, but vice versa, the other countries decide and impose their point of view, because itr is no longer possible for four countries to decide for the others. This is a lack of respect, a lack of credibility, and first of all, they need to have the same rules as ours. „

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