Who we are and how G4Media works

Who we are and how G4Media works

When we made the new website, we named it after one of the values we believe in strongly: the freedom of the press, a vital part of democracy. Without courage, curiosity and honesty, the public debate dies and the society goes with it. G4Media is short for the Association Group 4 Media Freedom and Democracy. Founded during difficult times for the whole society, as a non-profit organisation, G4Media collaborates with all journalists who are ready to go all the way in their work.

We hope to be joined by all those who share our vision and values. We eye at becoming a genuine platform of freedom in Romanian media, the place where truth could never be censored no matter who is bothered by our reports, revelations and opinions. What will you read here? What will the new website be, actually? We will follow three major editorial lines:

1. We try to be the first to show you the relevant information, the news behind the news. In a sea of insignificant details, of meaningless words and statements that can be found in myriad pieces of news, we will retain the essence. Our long term bet is to offer you, by the end of the day, the truly important issues, leaving behind pointless surplus information.
2. In times where still more people become afraid, we will focus on revelations, investigative reports and hard issues in Romanian society. We wish you to keep providing you with the exclusive reports and backstage information that we have had you accustomed with for years. It is these that we hope to make a difference with.
3. Fact-based analyses and opinion articles, pieces that bring added value and help the public understand the domestic and international political reality better. We will seek to keep the Romanian society conneced to the big issues that are troublin the Western world. Last but not least, we seek a programmatic way to follow the big ideas that change the world around us. Our focus goes West, to innovation and modernity.

Thanks to technology, the world is changing radically, at unprecedented, exponential and disruptive speed and depth, but many of us often remain stuck in small issues and provincial quarrels. Most TV channels feed the minds of people with barren subjects. Not only don’t they help them understand what is happenin around them, distinguish between essential and nonessential, relevant and irrelevant, truth and lie, but they are also involved an a massive brainwashing project. We have all seen it recently, when four TV channels, including the one paid by public money, formed a cartel to serve an individual for whom a European arrest warrant has been issued.

Corruption, organised crime groups, unqualified or morally empty politicians want to rule the whole of Romania. Helped by their big allies, fake news, propaganda lies and manipulation, they have launched a massive assault on all institutions and people still in their way. Corruption, incompetence and their allies will be our biggest adversaries. We will keep fighting these major enemies of Romania in a stated, progammatic manner.

Huge forces are at work trying to turn Romania in a captive state, as it has been in the early ’90s. The air in the media has turned to the cloudy days of three decades ago. These we will fight, these terrible forces that are threatening not only the freedom of the speech, but also the independence of justice and the democratic core of the Romanian state.

Romania is going down, in a bitterly ironic manner, in the year it celebrates 100 years since the Union that made it what it is now. 100 years since the Union, the only country project hat we are offered is a state organised under Mafia-like rules. Is this all the Romanian society can still do today? What will we tell the following generations, unless we at least try to stop this wave of lawlessness?

These are the vision and principles that give us the energy to keep going.

We will not be able to do any of these without your help. As there is no mogul of generous sponsor behind us, we largely count on donations and voluntary contributions from readers. You can donate monthy, via PayPal, by activating the repetitive option, you and send contributions directly into the Association account, or you may contribute any time when you believe we served the public interest with our articles.

The donation tools can be found at the end of each article, are easy to use and safe. The money goes exclusively to funding the G4Media project, in developing new projects and in paying collaborators. It is yet another way for the public to become involved in supporting a right cause.

All contributions and donations will not serve a website, but the values shared by the parts of the society which have not been touched by gangrene, dreaming of a better future here, in the country, not abroad. You know what we’ve done so far, you know what we want with G4Media, but we need a little help.

We make mistakes sometimes, other times we voice opinions that don’t please each and everybody – something like that would be impossible, really – but we have nerver served anything else but the public interest.

We thank the few good friends without whom the G4Media wouldn’t have had any chance. Our gratitude goes to those who stood by us unselfishly from the very beginning, so dedicated to a cause with no connection to their particular interests.

This is the only chance to keep going in a landscape dominated by submission and abandon. What we can promise you all is we will not make any step back.

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  1. I am very happy with this new platform. Would be nice to have a discussion section where we the users could interact with each other based on the investigative pieces that you publish.
    Looking forward to see how this project will develop.

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