The PSD’s „hushed” government style: Three cabinets and over 70 ministers changed…

The PSD’s „hushed” government style: Three cabinets and over 70 ministers changed in less than two years

The PSD won the 2016 parliamentary election with the biggest score the party has ever recorded, and yet, it generated the biggest government-instability in the post-revolution history.

Out of his need to keep a total control on power, Liviu Dragnea has applied the same recipe that has been refined almost to perfection in Teleorman: he filled key positions in the party and in government with people that could be blackmailed, with mediocre people, with functional illiterates, and with the heirs or the puppets of the local barons.

The result: in 22 months, there were 3 prime ministers and over 70 ministers shuffled through the Victoria Palace.

Why has Dragnea acted this way? Because he perfectly understands the way things work inside the PSD: he can control the party via the Executive Committee (CEx), and the CEx can be dominated by having something on as many bosses of the party’s local branches as possible. And the local bosses that are more vulnerable, those easiest to control, are those in interim positions. It works the same way in the rest of the country.

To put the Economy in the hands of the likes of Andrusca who has not yet discovered articulated language, the Education in the hands of illiterates, to give Transportation to someone who believes highways bring poverty, and the Research to someone who rejects evolution and who fills the void in his head with conspiracy theories, to put an ex-stretcher-bearer in control of the Healthcare, to give the Youth & Sports as a spoil to daddy’s little girl, and to place in the forefront at Victoria Palace a lady with serious deficiencies in education – it really is the supreme cynicism in politics.

For as long as they were in the opposition, the PSD and Dragnea permanently appealed for calmness to run projects to develop the country. For as long as Basescu was in Cotroceni (the official residence of the President of Romania), they were constantly screaming that the scandals he creates are harming the country.

When he came to power, benefiting from the total silence in a Cotroceni occupied by Klaus Iohannis, Dragnea had no one left to blame. He tried in vain to come up with new enemies in the streets, among the „#Rezist” community or among the „Sorosists.” Then he began inventing scandals where they did not exist, blaming the „parallel state” for not letting him do the job. He sacked two prime ministers, and he also threatened Dăncilă with political execution, all to preserve power and to get rid of his criminal files.

The past two years have seen Romania embroiled in scandals. Not one single significant project launched, no a single major investment made, and in most areas, counter-reform is flourishing. The Justice is on its knees, the Education has returned once more to the sad era of Ecaterina Andronescu, and the barons are literally plundering the public budgets.

Dragnea’s only concern is to solve his own problems – the criminal ones – and of those in his close circle. For that, they are laying a country to waste. Literally.

Traducerea: Ovidiu Harfas

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