The lifting of the CVM: a breath of fresh air for the Government and President Iohannis / What the European Commission’s decision means for Romania

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The European Commission’s decision to terminate the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism for Romania, two years after a similar decision was…

Major decision expected today in Brussels: The College of Commissioners discusses the preliminary conclusions of the Verification and Cooperation Mechanism on Romania / Commission could take an important step towards lifting the CVM – sources

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Do Romania and Bulgaria really deserve the keys to the EU unconditionally? A few observations on the glowing assessment of the European Commission of the Romanian border security

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SOURCES European Commission cautious about Government’s decision to return to a regulated energy market: How much will be returned remains to be seen and we are analyzing it

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European Commission approves €149 million to support hydrogen production in Romania

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The European Commission approved on Monday, under EU state aid rules, a €149 million aid scheme for Romania made available through the Recovery and Resilience...  

The EU Commission’s preventive strike: Article 7 veiled threat if the government releases the emergency decree meant to save Dragnea

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On Tuesday evening, the European Commission made an unusual gesture, on the far outskirts of diplomatic practice. Faced with Liviu Dragnea’s pressures for the release...